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Information about Smart vision

What is Smart Vision?
Smart Vision is the first digital Triple Play package available in the Irish market. Television, broadband and telephone for just one flat fee. Read more.
Is it available to me?
Smart Vision is available in new developments where the developer has chosen Smart Telecom as the service provider. Read more
I don't require all 3 services; do I need to apply for the full package?
Of course not! There are 6 different packages for you to choose from.
Are Sky Sports and Sky Movies available?
Sky Sports & Sky Movies are available at an additional cost.
Sky Sports & Sky Movies are not available on the basic TV package however. More on Sky... (pdf)
Can I have Basic TV and Phone/Broadband?
Basic TV is only available on it's own as a stand-alone package.

Pricing & Billing

How much?

Starting from €19 per month, there's sure to be a package that meets your budget! View packages.
In some cases, there may be an additional charge. But this is not often.

Price (€)
Installation of an additional Set Top Box (where Engineer callout is necessary)
Installation of a Service Point (where Engineer callout is necessary)
Replacement Scart Lead
Replacement Remote Control (comes with a 3 month warranty)
Additional Set Top Box
7.50 per month
Buy Additional Set Top Box outright
Callout Charge (for non Smart Telecom related faults)
Reconnection Charge

How much are the Sky Sports & Sky Movies packages?

Download sky pricing (pdf)

Sky by wire Packages
Price (€)
1 Channel
2 Channels
3 Channels
4 Channels

Do I need to pay an installation fee?
This depends on the package you go for. No installation fee applies to Smart Vision Triple Play package. €80 installation fee applies for all other packages.
Can I pay by cheque or credit card?
Sorry. Smart Telecom currently only accepts direct debit payments for Smart Vision services.
When is the direct debit taken?
Funds will be debited from your account on or around the 20th of each month unless you request otherwise.
How often do I receive a bill?
You will receive your bill monthly.

How to apply for a Smart Vision Package

How can I get connected?

3 ways to sign up for Smart Vision:

  1. Call us on 1800 718 591 and we can sign you up over the phone
  2. Or download the Smart Vision application form and fax it to us at (01) 469 9301
How long does it take to get connected?
As soon as we receive your completed application, we will contact you to arrange an appointment for the installation.


Can I have two TV connections in my home?
Yes you can. To do this you need an additional set top box (STB). Maximum of 3 STB's per apartment/house. Each additional STB costs €7.50 per month.
I do not like where the point is in my living room. Can you move it?
Unfortunately not. We can only activate the points in their current position.
Can I arrange a specific installation time?
You can choose between a morning installation (9am - 12.30pm) or an afternoon installation (12.30pm-4.30pm) Monday to Friday. While we cannot guarantee a specific time, we can guarantee that our engineers will turn up between the hours you've requested. *subject to availability

Fault/ Tech Support

My TV/Broadband/Phone is not working.

If you're having problems with any of your Smart Vision services, you can either log it with us on 1800 718 591 - or consult our technical support area online.

We are happy to inform you that this number is attended 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

My TV is not working. What is the first thing to do before ringing technical support helpline?
You should unplug the Set Top box power supply for 15 seconds, then reconnect the power supply. Leaving the Set Top box for about 3 minutes normally fixes the TV problem. If TV is still not working, contact our technical support helpline on 1800 718 591 as soon as possible. Technical Support
My broadband is not working, what is the first thing to do before ringing technical support helpline?
Check the connection between your computer and the socket. Make sure it is plugged in, and then power up your computer. This normally fixes the broadband problem. If your broadband is still not working, contact our technical support helpline on 1800 718 591 as soon as possible. Technical Support

How to Cancel

How to cancel an account
To cancel an account we require 30 days notice in writing. You must also return the set Top box(es) to us:
Smart Vision, Smart Telecom
3300 Lake Drive
Citywest Business Campus
Dublin 24
I do not want one of the services anymore, what should I do?

Please advise us in writing which service you wish to cancel:

  1. Email -
  2. Fax - 01 469 9301
  3. Post - Smart Vision, Smart Telecom, 3300 Lake Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Citywest, Dublin 24.

Please note that 30 days notice is required.

Is there a contract period?

Other Questions

What is Smart Vision's contact details?
Our phone number is: 1800 718 519
Our email address is:
Our postal address is: Smart Vision,
Smart Telecom,
3300 Lake Drive,
Citywest Business Campus,
Dublin 24.
Can a customer have two separate accounts in the one apartment?
No, only one account per apartment.
I'm moving house from one Smart Vision home to another, is this a problem?
This is not a problem at all. If you are moving within the same development you can (in most cases) keep your old telephone number. But we do need to schedule a site visit. Please contact us on 1800 718 591 to schedule the site visit and to update us with your new details.
How can I change the name on the account?
To change the name on the account, please send a letter from the current account holder stating that they wish to change the name to a new person. This letter must be signed by both individuals, ie. the old and new account holder.

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