Smart NGN

The Smart Next Generation Network (NGN) is the foundation for all Smart products and services. It comprises a fibre network, unbundled exchanges, licenced microwave access, network management and processes to offer next generation services nationwide.

Based on a high-speed packet design, offering voice, data and video communications, Smart's NGN offers the following benefits:

Benefits of NGN

  • Greater Reliability - Smart's NGN replaces the multiple legacy old technology networks of previous generations with one simple network. Less complexity means more reliability. And because we offer next generation management with full SLA and 24x7x365 support we ensure all services continue to support our customer's applications.
  • Greater Value for Money - less complexity means lower operational and equipment costs. Smart NGN requires only one customer premise node and one installation to support voice, data and video services with speeds up to 1GB. We pass these cost savings directly on to customers. In addition, Ethernet presentation ensures that no extra equipment is required by customers to connect their LAN to our network.
  • Greater Responsiveness - upgrades within 24 hrs to enable rapid responses to your business's evolving needs and growth. Don't put up with 'industry standards' of up to 8 weeks. Move over to Smart and enjoy rapid responses and greater reliability.
  • Greater Flexibility - no need to redesign multi site networks with Smart's NGN. Granular growth with no further installs and speeds of up to 1GB. Your choice of Fibre, Licensed Microwave, Ethernet First Mile (EFM), Leased Line and Private DSL connectivity.

To find out more about how your business can benefit from Smart NGN's powerful network, contact us on 1850 945 945.