Smart E-Lan

A multipoint Ethernet service that enables any-to-any nationwide communications.

  • Features
    • Layer 2 Ethernet VPN providing multi-site LAN connectivity
    • Enables LAN speeds over the Wide Area Network
    • Provides the scalability and resilience of MPLS VPN, but without the complexity and cost. In many cases, the cost and complexity of routers can be eliminated altogether.
    • Greater data privacy is inherent as an e-lan provides the same level of data separation as traditional networks such as Frame-Relay or ATM.
      • Fibre 1MB-1GB, Full SLA - Premium
      • Licenced Microwave, 1MB - 40MB, 1MB - 155MB, 1MB-620MB Full SLA - Standard
      • Ethernet First Mile, 2MB-10MB, Full SLA - Standard
      • Third party leased line 64K- 2MB - Full SLA - Standard
      • Smart Private DSL & Third party Private DSL - ADSL speeds - No SLA
  • Greater Responsiveness, Reliability, Value for Money and Flexibility provided by the Smart NGN.

If you would like to introduce Smart E-Lan to your business, contact the Corporate Solutions Account Team on 1850 945 945.

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