Smart Corporate Solutions

Choose Smart Corporate Solutions if you're a large company or Government department with lots of data to transmit, have complex or growing needs, require higher reliability backed by full service level agreements and require the best customer care.

  • Smart E Line: Point-to-point ethernet circuit offering nationwide connectivity which acts like a point to point cable connection.
  • Smart E Lan: A multipoint Ethernet service that enables any-to-any nationwide communications.
  • Smart I Line: High quality internet connection specially designed for government, medium and large businesses.
  • Smart Voice: High quality voice connection specially designed for government, medium and large businesses.

If communication is mission critical for your business or government department.    If you have lots of data to transmit. 

If you need a solution that allows you to change quickly and requires high quality customer care, then Smart Telecom's corporate solutions are for you.

Smart Corporate Solutions At A Glance:

  • For organisations with high usage requirements
    For applications with large data requirements, symmetrical communication, low delays & low jitter

    • Very large data or file transfers
    • Videoconferencing
    • VoIP
    • Streaming media
    • Enterprise Applications such as SAP or Oracle CRM or ERP
    • Larger number of employees (typically >20)

  • For organisations with complex evolving needs

    • High speed connectivity between staff, customers and partners over multiple sites
    • Growing fast, evolving fast with changing usage and connectivity requirements

  • For organisations where communications is mission critical

    • Require highest reliability
    • Backed by a full Service Level Agreement and a rapid response repair unit

  • For organisations that require high quality customer care

    • Dedicated Account Managers
    • Online status
    • Access to dedicated engineers to diagnose faults rapidly

For more information on Corporate Solutions from Smart Telecom, contact the corporate solutions account team on 1850 945 945.